October 16, 2020

Vietcetera Media Careers

All positions are considered on a rolling basis and there is no closing application date

Apply via our Google Form or email us careers@vietcetera.com

All positions are updated as of 16 October 2020

About Vietcetera Media

Vietcetera Media is a fast-growing startup based out of Ho Chi Minh City, backed by investors from around the world and here in Vietnam. We have an innovation-first culture and understand what it takes to build products used by millions. We are obsessed with high quality content and high quality code.

We are building a data-driven content platform that rewards creators to create at scale and reach millions. All they need is their written word as their tool to access our community.

Our platform and its valuable readership has helped improve the brand and marketing dollars of companies both here in Vietnam and abroad. We think like marketers, because the DNA of our founding team is defined by marketers. Venture-backed companies like Tinder, TikTok, WeWork, ASUS, and more count as our clients. Fortune 500 and blue-chip companies like Marriott Hotels, Swire Group, AIA Insurance, Diageo, and Google are also among our brand partners. We also see a number of Vietnam-based companies grow their customer base with our platform; household names such as District Eight, Vietnam Works, IPPG, Coc Coc and a number of others.

Founded in 2016, Vietcetera is the country’s only new media company serving as a publishing platform for Vietnamese and English language content. As of September 2020, it serves more than 650,000 readers monthly. Operating as a news hub for Vietnam, Vietcetera Media aims to be the content provider of choice for the emerging, increasingly savvy middle-class Vietnamese consumers, as well as for international business readers, overseas Vietnamese and travelers to Vietnam. The company’s mission is to bring Vietnam to the world, and the world to Vietnam.

The team

The team is young and always ready to take on new challenges. The average age is 26 with 45 full time staff at the company (as of 12 Sept 2020). There is 90% Vietnamese representation, with a small number of international staffers from the US, Belgium, and Russia. We are based out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at our offices at Centec Tower.

Our interview process

We'll ask you to hop on a video call with the lead or manager of the team you're applying to. After this call, we'll set you up with a call or in-person meeting with one of our founders. If you're coming to our offices, you'll also have the opportunity to interview or casually meet one of your potential future coworkers. We usually take no more than two days to get back to with a decision.

What technologies do we use? What are we building?

The principal technologies we build around are NodeJS, React JS, Next JS stack. As of March 2020, we are migrating our data from WordPress to a custom CMS (content management system) that will allow us to gamify and incentivize text content creation on Vietcetera.com. We are building a community program that will allow us to build creator communities across Vietnam and around the world to host content on Vietcetera. Our product takes a bit of inspiration from other content platforms such as YouTube, Medium, and Quora - we'd be happy to share with you about what we're building is different and uniquely positioned for the millions of readers and creators in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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